Hi! I’m Jean, and I’m the founder of BlingPainting, Our Company was established in 2020. We ship our items directly from our manufacturing facilities located in New York, HongKong, Thailand, China.  


** Made to Order **


  • You can experience a sense of achievement, learn to Reduce Stress, enhance self-confidence, perseverance and cultivate patience.


** Also Have those Advantages **


  • It Can be used to decorate the family room, make life more harmonious. The most popular DIY Decoration is suitable for the elderly and children.
  • Finished projects can be kept for more than 20 years, and are perfect to decorate your living room or bedroom.
  • Make Gifts for your loved ones, stick diamonds of them into this painting with your own hands, just as you weave everlasting love with your own hands

About BlingBlingDiamondPainting


** Our Factories **


  • Better Canvas – Our canvas is made with high quality adhesive. Unlike the white paper covers that often have the glue bubbling up or peeling off (argh!), our canvases have smooth, sticky adhesive that is a breeze to work with. 
  • Better Diamonds – 99% of our diamonds are perfect, but we still pack extra with your kit, just in case! No more “trash”, bits, holes, different sizes, smells, or oil spills. 


** We own two factories: one for DP, another one for PBN**


tons of diamond drill

tons of diamod drill for diamond painting
** We can make more than 5000 PBN kits per day **
paint by numbers factory
** High-Speed HD printing on canvas **
paint by numbers factory
** Well wrapped kits **



** Our Clients **






You can visit us:  BlingPainting.com