Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 13cm— Handcrafted in Nepal for Meditation




The Benefits Of Using A Singing Bowl

  • DEEP RELAXATION, Use of a singing bowl can help you access theta and alpha brainwaves and open you up to insight and calm, beyond the rational mind.
  • HOLISTIC HEALING, By using a regular meditative practice like a singing bowl, we can place our body into an “environment” more receptive to healing.
  • PRESENCE DEVELOPMENT, Using a singing bowl allows us to temporarily place technology to the side and focus on the beauty of the present moment.


tibetan singing bowl


►►Includes Bronze Mantra Design 4″ Singing Bowl, NEW Easy-Play Leather Pencil-Grip Striker, NEW Hand Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow. Play your singing bowl with EASE & create a LONGER LASTING beautiful sound with our NEW EXCLUSIVE designs.

►►Hand-selected & inspected to ensure the best quality. Each set is checked against defects & sound quality before shipping.

►►Creates a beautiful peaceful calming & relaxing sound when tapped or played around the rim. Perfect for when you want time to yourself to relax or meditate.

►►Makes a perfect gift for any friend or loved one. Frequently gifted by many of our customers to friends & family. Something they will truly love.


 Many Size Available

 9.5cm / 11cm / 13cm / 15cm



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