6 Pcs Professional Paint Brushes


6 Pcs Professional Paint Brushes


6 sizes paintbrush: 3/4, 8, 6, 1/4, 2, 5/0

Length: 20.5cm19cm18.5cm17.5cm17cm

material: nylon hair with wooden handle

Various shapes: pointed round, filbert, flat and liner

Product Features

1. Rust free double crimped aluminum ferrules to last longer.

2. Durable Double Crimp Anti-shedding - No More Stray Hairs or Loose Ferrules.

3. Short wooden handles with a smooth finish - Provide steady control and perfect balance.

4. Premium Nylon Hair - Soft, thick and flexible, hold paint well and lay it down smoothly and easily.

5 Holds its shape and stays intact even after multiple cleaning, no compromise to the performance or appearance.


Care instructions:

1. You do have to get them in water quickly after use or they stiffen up. Please don't leave them in water.

2. Cleaning: Water-based paint-warm soapy water.  After washing out the paint, please use your fingers to gently reshape brush hair.

3. Drying  Storage: Flatwise or head upward.

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