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 Custom LED Neon Sign Party/Home Decor

Choose us to create a Custom Your LED Neon Sign Party/Home Decor just for you with the highest quality materials. Use a wonderful neon art light to replace the boring night light and add color to the darkest room.

This LED Neon Sign Light is handmade you can own your unique sign. Custom your own Neon Sign with words like letters, names, etc.  Briefly describe your idea to us to tell what color and pattern you like.

Custom Neon Sign is the perfect touch of light for your home decor, use it for your children or baby bedrooms, living room, office... or as a wedding and party signs. 

Our LED neon lights and signs add a little brightness to your life. Available in a range of artistic designs, they’re ideal as a night light for children or seniors, as a decorative wall feature in your living room, or as a festival light for Halloween, Christmas, and special occasions. Create a beautiful ambiance throughout the occasion.

What's included?

1* Your new custom neon sign

1* Power Plug

Accessories for installation

Why Choose LED Neon Sign?

Not breakable: Different from the traditional neon signs, our LED neon signs are not breakable, lightweight, and long service life.

Doesn't get warm: 95% of the energy consumed by LEDs is transformed into light and only 5% into heat. Which means your sign will never get hot.

Low energy consumption: Our LED Neon signs are 80% more efficient than traditional neon signs. Meaning you can enjoy your sign without worrying about the bill.

Easy to Install: Our neon Sign is mounted on a high-quality acrylic backing, easy to hang. The package comes with installation accessories for easy hanging & wall mounting.

Guaranteed: 100% quality testing. All our products are quality-tested before shipment.


High-quality Material: Our LED Neon is made from proprietary Silica gel molding technology, most signs deliver with high-quality acrylic as backing.

Environmentally Friendly: Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly, LED neon signs to produce relatively no heat, energy-efficient, compared to traditional glass tube neon.

Safe: Our Signs are made of kid-safe LED flex neon tubes. Our neon tube is a long lifespan and remains cold, silent, and eco-friendly. They are also safer because they do not contain gas or mercury.

Durable: Use high-quality material and the latest neon flex technology, which is stronger and lighter than glass neon.

Easy to Customize

Customize your neon signs with Your text, please provide the exact wording in the text box. It's so easy!

Just message us your design after you've placed your order and we will handle the rest!

Q: How safe is LED neon signs?
A: Our LED neon signs are only 12V so run at a much safer voltage than traditional neon. Because of its low output voltage, no heat will be generated on the outer surface even after long hours of operating.

Q: How do you power the neon signs?
A: All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket (with plug for each shipping country) and it comes with a 12V transformer.

Q: Will my neon sign require any specialist installation?
A: The majority of neon signs that we supply are for internal use, and come mounted on an acrylic panel (making them easily portable), complete with a normal mains plug, which can be plugged into an accessible plug socket. The sign simply needs to be fixed onto the wall or suspended from a chain that we can supply as an optional accessory.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Happiness is our No.1 priority. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason at all, let us know! 

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